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I’ve been making electronic music since I was 15. Back when we had a family computer sporting the latest DOS operating system, my older brother Adrian downloaded an audio sequencing program from a BBS or FTP somewhere. I remember thinking it was fascinating, but much too complicated for me. 5 or 6 years later, he had gotten another audio program called Reason. He had this program on his new mac laptop. I remember thinking it was so cool. He had shown me the basics and I was hooked. I started tinkering with Reason in my spare time after school. I got so into it that I saved up money and bought a midi keyboard from Guitar Center. I would sit in my bedroom for hours and hours, pouring my heart into these musical creations. I’ve never made music for fame or profit. It’s just part of who I am.

About my first album, Six Minute City

In 2008, when I was graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in philosophy, I was asked by the head of the philosophy department to write a short blurb about what my plans were for after school. At that time I had tossed around the idea of putting together a full length album of electronic music, and this seemed to be a good opportunity to commit it to writing. So I wrote down “Cameron will be releasing a full length album of electronic music after graduation”. And so when I walked out in my graduation cap, I was handed my undergrad diploma, and the Dean of philosophy read out my plans to a whole crowd of people. And so it was. I was going to do it. I spent the better half of a year putting together a lot of tracks I had amassed, all made with Reason. Then I put them into Ableton live for mastering. The whole process was carried out all by me, from the mixing, the mastering, the album art design (with thanks to Adrian for the photography used). Even though I was told you shouldn’t master your own tracks, I didn’t care. I wanted to do the whole thing myself and I felt like I could do a reasonable job. By february 2008, I had finished. I was glad to be done with it, and was very proud of my creation. I got 1000 discs printed from NW Media in Portland, OR delivered to my door. To this day, I still have many of the boxes sitting in a garage, waiting to be handed out. At this point, I am not trying to sell them. But they make great business cards, gifts, forget-me-nots, trades, etc.

Download Six Minute City free of charge, and spread the word!


Some of my more recent music is on soundcloud:

Latest tracks by modcam

Also, more of my earlier music at my (inactive) net label:

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  1. It’s been a while since I dialed on Cam sounds. Great stuff. Reallly love Dart Frog Daydream and Orgasim Donor.

  2. Cameron you are so talented! I had no idea! Sounds like you are having a remarkable trip. Great music. wow. xoxo

  3. Hey Cameron,

    Nice stuff. I have played some of your music on my music podcast, discovered from Ektoplazm! Check out my show and spread the word and keep up the great work. Give my showpage on Facebook a “like”, just search for Sno Jo Radio.

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