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Several months ago, a group of cyclists called “The Cultural Recyclists” were passing through Portland, and when I was living at the Eggplant House in Northeast, they stayed at our house for a week. I particularly enjoyed this one guy, Kevin, I believe was his name, who is a really gifted lyricist. Recently, I was reflecting on this awesome spoken word performance given to a group of us at the house, and wanted to share this because of how inspirational it was to me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Transition Town Floetry – By Phil Osophical (video)

Do you have the drive to create a world that is vibrantly alive? A place where all species can thrive? Well this here is a gathering of the tribe.

Is the 9-5 shift grippin’ your soul? Tired of drifting with the flow of the status quo? Then paradigm shifting is the way to go. Come take a glimpse down the rabbit hole.

See we live within an invisible fence — Everybody’s walking around feelin’ all tense. Conditioned by our own parents to focus only on future events.

But then we miss what’s right here — On this big blue beautiful sphere. Gaia’s got a message for us to hear. Do you have headphones in your ear?

The message that earth is givin’ me is that we must use our abilities within our own vicinities. Allow our creativities to abolish negativities. Nature’s sayin’ mimic me and rejoin the symphony.

And if we use permaculture techniques, we’ll be havin’ a fresh feast within the next couple weeks. And you may think I sound outlandish, but I don’t want our species to vanish. Already billions are famished, ecosystems consistently damaged.

But if you take a step back like Hubble, amidst all of the serious struggle, people are steppin’ out of their bubbles. Comin’ together formin’ big huddles. Comin’ up with solutions to our troubles. So many brain storms it’s creatin’ puddles.

There’s a change comin’ soon, can you feel that we’re near it? — a revolution of mind, body, and spirit.

A coalescence of our heads, hands, and hearts — with you and I is where the change starts.

So if you feel caged by an isolated feeling, sacred plants may initiate the healing. Layers of separation will begin peeling.

Oh, and did I mention, that if you use the power of intention, then your life becomes your own invention.

And if you take the time to reclaim your mind, then you just might find that all of life is intertwined, like an Ayahuasca vine or the Kundalini in your spine.

And so I’m here to validate, motivate, and co-create, ’cause every day on earth is a day to celebrate.

And when we all meditate, we let blissfulness radiate, and demonstrate what can happen when we all collaborate.

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  1. Hi,
    Thinking about you on your bike trip. Looks like you are keeping the good weather for awhile..
    I just found out that in Seattle there is a new indoor sky diving center that just opened just in case you are looking for another type of adventure on your way home.
    looking forward to your next update

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