Newcastle Island

On Tuesday, I arrived at Newcastle Island with my bike, and greeted with lots of trees, stretches of brown grass and gravel roads. Though not ideal road bike conditions, I was able to ride on the gravel without any issues. The Schwalbe Marathon tires that I have on my bike have made it so far without any punctures, so I wasn’t too worried about riding on gravel. My first impressions of the island were that it was so nice not to have to ride with cars while I was there. Nothing but relaxation! The other thing I noticed was that the price of camping was kind of high. It was $16 per camp site. The sites were a little to pre-fab for me, so I took liberty in bending the rules while I was there. I decided right then that I was going to stealth camp on a more beautiful part of the island and forego the touristy feeling paid camp sites. I did get lots and lots of great photos on Newcastle Island, which I will share with you here…

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