It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Last entry was after I finished my bike trip in October. After I got back to Portland, I hung around for a month or so, and then left for Kauai in November. I stayed there, doing a work trade to stay on 3 acres in a platform tent for 5 months. Time really flew by there. I made a few really good friends and had some amazing outdoor experiences. Lots of sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, hiking out to waterfalls and jumping off tall rocks into the water, attending concerts and dance parties, etc. I had some amazing hikes with awesome views. It gave me a chance to see the beauty of tropical islands. I also ended up going to the big island on two separate occasions, each for two weeks. I got to hang out with my dad for a week at a beach house in Kona. We swam with the dolphins, went scuba diving (I had to snorkel since I didn’t have gear or certification…) and ate a lot of good fish. I found a new appreciation for Poke, a tuna dish made with seaweed salad, raw tuna chunks, sesame oil, soy sauce, and kim chee juice (trust me, it’s good) I hiked around volcano national park, climbed super tall banyan trees, ate exotic fruits, went to hawaii winter camp (lots of social interaction and personal development stuff for over a week) I went there intending to stay just for a month, but ended up there for many more. In Kauai, I met an awesome girl to share adventures with, and she decided to join me in further travels on the west coast of the mainland.


Swimming with the dolphins at Ho’okena beach park, Big Island

Hanakapiai beach sunrise

At the beginning of May, I got my flight back to Portland, and stayed with my good old friends Chris and Natalie for a week. I relished in returning to the foodie’s paradise, and had all sorts of tasty meals. Then as quickly as I arrived, I departed with Cait, heading to Eugene to pick up my hiking buddy Branden. Our plan was to go to Smith Rock for a night, then to a Vipassana Retreat in North Fork, CA. There, we would meditate for up to 8 hours a day, for 10 days straight. After that, our plan was to hike around Yosemite national park.

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